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Passing an Almighty Wind

A Almighty Wind [sic]

This site looks like a parody, but some research online suggests that it’s for real. The head of this ministry, “Elisabeth Elijah Sherrie Nikomia,” has been making apocalyptic prophecies for over a decade. Its younger members have also uploaded hundreds of videos on YouTube about Messianic Judaism, like this video on hosting a Messianic Passover Seder—or this video on “Project BLUE BEAM & Alien DECEPTION.”


Using Hebrew Doesn’t Make You Jewish

People in the Messianic movement frequently misuse Hebrew as part of their Jewish playacting. This person, for example, is unaware of the difference between ach (brother) and achot (sister):

Shabbat Shalum Chavurim! I am celebrating Shavuot on Sunday, June 12 and it is my birthday! I am so excited. My achot Rico, todah rabah for your teaching about the healing frequencies of linen. I am so revved up here and I want to teach others as well. I am going to scour the thrift shops and began changing my clothing for sleep and daily wear. I thank Yahweh Elohim for allowing you to have the wisdom to undertand these things in the last days so his bride may be made ready. B’ruch h’ba b’shem Yeshua! May he come quickly! Amein!

Also, the Rico mentioned in this post, Rico Cortes, is as fake as they come. He lies about having Jewish heritage, lies about being a rabbi, and even lies about having played for minor-league baseball teams.

Oh yeah, and when was Shavuot, again?

"What do Jews consider Messianic Jews to be?"

“What do Jews consider Messianic Jews to be?”

As most of you know, Judaism has a number of internal conflicts—for example, conflicts over who qualifies as Jewish. The Messianic movement frequently inserts itself in these conflicts in an attempt to gain legitimacy. Here’s a great example from Yahoo! Answers:

THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of modern Jewish converts are repudiated, rejected, and considered merely “righteous gentiles” who are playing at being Jewish by Orthodox Jews who do not accept their conversion status—-why should Messianic Jews be left out? Of course they’re not accepted—-just like Conservative Jews, Reform Jews, and “Reconstructionist” Jews are not accepted.

Of course, there’s a world of difference. The Orthodox might not recognize converts from the Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist movements, but those converts were accepted into a normative Jewish community. With Messianics, however, you have a group of people showing up uninvited and arbitrarily declaring themselves Jewish—oh, yeah, and declaring that they should be allowed to keep their Christian theology and evangelize to Jews at the same time.

Beth HaDerech: The Luach – Jewish Calendar

Beth HaDerech: The Luach – Jewish Calendar

Beth HaDerech, a Messianic congregation in Toronto, apparently wasn’t content with stealing from Jewish culture; now they’re stealing from other websites. For example, the first two paragraphs in this article are copied word-for-word from Wisegeek’s article on the Jewish calendar, and the fourth paragraph is barely different from the first paragraph of Wikipedia’s article.

Even better, Beth HaDerech asks for donations to “help expand [its] great Messianic Jewish content for the whole world to use” at the end of the article.