About the Site

In brief, this site documents and mocks cultural appropriation and Jewish playacting by members of the so-called “Messianic Jewish,” Hebraic Roots, and Nazarene movements.*

Don’t be fooled, though: while  people in these movements often butcher Jewish traditions and the Hebrew language in comical ways, many of them are serious about trying to convert Jews to Christianity and have backing from major evangelical Christian institutions such as the Southern Baptist Convention and the Moody Bible Institute. And despite the obvious (yet misguided) philosemitism, some of these people also espouse antisemitic views at the same time—perhaps because most Jews don’t want to join in any of their reindeer games.

For the most part, I avoid discussing theology on here and focus on issues of secular interest like cultural appropriation. I made this choice deliberately because so-called “Messianic Judaism” isn’t just offensive to religious Jews: it’s offensive to all Jews, to honest Christians, to anyone engaged in sincere interfaith work, and more generally to anyone who doesn’t want evangelical Christians to take over yet another institution or culture.

About Me

For various reasons, I prefer to stay anonymous. However, I will at least mention that I’m a liberal (but committed) Jew who started this site after becoming disgusted with all the Messianic Jewish nonsense I kept encountering online—and, from time to time, offline.

Also, while it should be obvious, I’m not the person in the avatar. Perhaps I can dress up as him for Purim, though.

* Yes, I’m aware that these movements differ and that members of the Messianic Jewish movement in particular distance themselves from the other movements, but that’s not particularly relevant for this site. For one thing, they’re all still Christian, and for another, most members of the Messianic Jewish movement have just as much claim to Jewish heritage as members of the other groups—which is to say none, even if some of the prominent figures have changed their name to something Jewish-sounding or purchased fancy conversion certificates that are actually worthless.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. What’s obvious about you, is that you are a coward. If you truly believe all the hate that you post, you should at least reveal who you are.

      1. You are not posting ‘hate’. Nor are you intolerant, unless it’s towards their intolerance to Judaism. So ignore any fake posters above, there is a genuine need for this blog.
        ‘Messianic Judaism’ is neither Judaism or messianic, it’s a cultural ‘whitening’ phenomenon produced by imperially meloncholic White People with no culture of their own. They’ll get tired of it soon. Or perhaps not, because this form of cultural genocide always starts softcore and then gets more coercive if objections are raised, or it is not recognised as the prime route to their reimagined apocalypse.

        And of course, any Jew who objects is a ‘hater’, how dare we have a problem with cultural appropriation and/or being socially conditioned to accept a culture that is not our own. This is deeply deeply colonial in terms of manufactured victimhood, the usual response when these crackpots are unmasked. This has all the usual elements of antisemitism, and a little extra ‘White martyr saviourdom’ thrown in.

        Or perhaps they won’t get tired of this hocus pocus because they desperately need to draw attention to themselves by handing out antisemitic literature in Yerushalyim which depicts an egg timer with ‘Jews’ at the top and ‘Christians’ at the bottom, and naturally this cultural fascism supports their territorial designs in Israel. It would explain why they are purchasing office space all over- it’s like 19th century ‘Christianization’ all over again, the most genocidal form of Utopianism that quickly becomes hegemonic or coercive cultural colonialism when rejected or opposed.

        The Janus face of ‘Christianization’- they offer pipe dreams to further their own desire for recognition.

  2. Hi,
    I stumbled across your site a few nights ago. I felt compelled to write and make contact with you. I guess I have more questions than comments or things to say. I wanted to ask the purpose behind the site and it’s content, not to attack you or anything but rather to understand further the purpose behind it?. I am not a Jew but I love Israel and it’s people and have attended several events in the UK to show my support and bring some opposition to all the lies in the media and also a voice to various gatherings that have an anti-Semitic agenda. I too see and understand that much of the Church is set in opposition to Israel and the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I also understand how much of the “Church” has brought such persecution to the Jews in the name of religion. I am not part of a Church or even associated with Christianity. I guess what I am trying to say is that I see where a bit of where you come from but would like to know more. I’d also like to know if you have resources to teach people and correct some of these issues you have highlighted?. Thank you for your time in responding to my questions and queries, I look forward to your response.
    Many thanks,

  3. Well I’m guessing my first effort to make contact didn’t go so well. I like what you have gone with the WordPress template and I’m guessing that you use Hit Sniffer or something similar to track your web hits ?. I was hoping you would respond as I too share a burden for all the mixed up rubbish that passes as religion . And, as a Jew I can understand how offensive this stuff can be to you. If you hold the Torah dear ( As I am learning to do) then maybe you should apply it and make contact with these people and help them get things right or expose them for the false teachers and prophets if they refuse to listen. It sounds like you have a good knowledge of Hebrew etc so I challenge you to put it to good use and restore the plumbline that is missing instead of being another destructive part of an already screwed up world. What good are you doing by pointing fingers with no correction?, to build up yourself? I don’t claim to know you or wish to offend you but if you choose to run a site like this and don’t offer correction or guidance then you are the same as the people you accuse. I encourage you to share more of the wonderful wealth the your people have in the Holy language and traditions passed down through the ages. Or you could always ignore this like the last one 😉

  4. Keep exposing the fake of the fakes. “Messianic movement” or a cult operates solely on taking advantage of people that are tricked into it by tactics such as Messers. Please email me for some more stuff.

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