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Using Hebrew Doesn’t Make You Jewish

People in the Messianic movement frequently misuse Hebrew as part of their Jewish playacting. This person, for example, is unaware of the difference between ach (brother) and achot (sister):

Shabbat Shalum Chavurim! I am celebrating Shavuot on Sunday, June 12 and it is my birthday! I am so excited. My achot Rico, todah rabah for your teaching about the healing frequencies of linen. I am so revved up here and I want to teach others as well. I am going to scour the thrift shops and began changing my clothing for sleep and daily wear. I thank Yahweh Elohim for allowing you to have the wisdom to undertand these things in the last days so his bride may be made ready. B’ruch h’ba b’shem Yeshua! May he come quickly! Amein!

Also, the Rico mentioned in this post, Rico Cortes, is as fake as they come. He lies about having Jewish heritage, lies about being a rabbi, and even lies about having played for minor-league baseball teams.

Oh yeah, and when was Shavuot, again?