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Yom Kip-Poor

Yom Kippur is almost here, which means that Messianic rabbis are gearing up for their most theatrical performance of the year. Take this 2007 service led by “Senior Pastor and Messianic Rabbi” Jonathan Cahn, for example, which even has stirring background music worthy of a TBN evangelist.

As always, there are numerous things—aside from the constant references to “the Messiah,” of course—giving this service away as an example of Christians playacting at Judaism. Take, for example, the way someone keeps tossing the Sefer Torah atop a pile of papers and books at 4:40. Or take the way Cahn places his fingers on it at 5:20 as he pretends to read Hebrew. Or take the tallit he wears with a large lamb in front of a Star of David.

By the end of the service, though, Cahn can no longer keep up the playacting, and he finally calls upon “the name of Messiah, Jesus” at 7:10. Oops.

(For the record, Cahn describes himself as a “Jewish believer in Jesus” “descended of the line of Aaron.”)


Toy-rah Time!

I’m not a fan of the toy Sefer Torah they pull out of the ark and parade around (4:10). I would have gone for this version instead; it’s even tear-resistant, according to the website!

Despite the toy Sefer Torah and the complete butchering of Hebrew, the congregation insists on its website that it’s “not another Nicene Christian group pretending to be Jewish by donning a tallit and using a few Hebrew words!” Thank goodness they let us know.