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Driven to Madness

If you want people to take you seriously as an “Orthodox Messianic Jewish synagogue,” you probably shouldn’t have a photo of a car and “driving directions” on the page that describes your Shabbat services.


“We need something for the sanctuary—something that appeals to Jewish sensibilities and really conveys the joy of Shabbat.”

“How about a giant painting of people being thrown in a furnace?”

“Perfect! Should we learn how to pronounce the blessings, too?”

“No need to get all crazy now.”

A Rabidly Ignorant Rabbi

“Rabbi” Scott Sekulow answers a viewer’s questions about Jewish holidays. Did you know that Purim comes from the book of Ruth (1:35) and that Shabbat lasts from Friday night to Saturday morning (2:10)?

Stay tuned for his next video, in which he informs a viewer how long one must wait after eating pork to consume dairy.

Edit: His brother, by the way, is Jay Sekulow, a lawyer whose career consists of filing lawsuits on behalf of Christians who feel victimized when they cannot proselytize anywhere they like.