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Debbie Friedman (Z”L) is Rolling in Her Grave

I don’t understand why Messianic congregations have such a hard time with the letter chet. With luck, this congregation will figure things out in time for Kanukah—er, Chanukah.


Diving into Davening

Having grown slightly bored with the Shema, this Messianic worship leader decided to mix things up by pretending to perform the Birkat Kohanim at the same time. “If this doesn’t excite the congregation,” he thought, “I’ll try the Batusi next week.”

Edit: The Rosh Pina Project claims that the person in this video is not a Messianic Jew. However, according to his “NazareneSpace”profile, he self-identifies as one:

Do you consider yourself a:
Messianic Jew